Aug 21, 2013

Christmas Eve: The Secret of Pandora (FINAL) 328.28 MB

Christmas Eve: The Secret of Pandora (FINAL) 328.28 MB. Help Santa to save Christmas from the ancient evil in Christmas Eve: The Secret of Pandora PC Game! When you tried to get your Christmas gift from Santa’s bag, he accidentally took you with him to his home, in Snow Hill, to the very heart of Christmas! Each year Leonardo, Prince of Snow Hill and his wife, Lady Swan, placed a seal on Pandora’s Box to bind the evil it contains. But this year darkness slipped from Pandora’s Box and evil force possessed soul of the young girl – Leonardo’s daughter! Use Rudolph’s help in this magical hidden object puzzle adventure to prevent Pandora’s Box opening, and plunging the world into eternal darkness! Decorate your own Christmas tree, using achievements to create various presents!
For listening to the story by the Scroll to the end without using Skip.
For repairing the flying machine.
For defeating the snowman in a snowball fight.
For saving Leonardo from the Dark Forces.
For completing all HO scenes without using hint.
For helping all animals in Snow Hill.
For finding the secret room.
For finding the hidden inscription “Happy New Year”.
For completing 5 mini-games without using Skip.
For saving Lady Swan.
For defeating the Dark Forces.
For finding a lost present.
For artistic piano playing.
For making Christmas-tree toy.
For helping the snowman in trouble.


Title Post: Christmas Eve: The Secret of Pandora (FINAL) 328.28 MB
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