Mar 30, 2012

Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets | PC, Mac Game [FINAL]

Alphonse Pieter. His name is well known among the adventurers and criminals all over the world. He is a crook and a liar, very talented liar, and a murderer.  And now the king of the Great Britain and the Northern Ireland has discovered that Alphonse Pieter started secret relationship with the Queen! You are sentenced to death in Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets, so you have nothing to loose, that's why the king has choose you to solve this problem. He sent you to  Roanoke Island, where queen's residence is situated and where Alphonse Pieter entangle her in his web. Your main objective is to find proof of this relationship and to punish Pieter for his blasphemy: only God-chosen king can touch the Queen! Save king's reputation and yourself in this incredible Puzzle Adventure Hidden Object game. Save the Queen from Alphonse's dastardly plan and prevent the revolution in Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets!

As the market PC, Mac casual games (like festal Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets game) grows, the technology, available to the Puzzle, Hidden Object, Adventure casual computer games authors improves resulting in ever higher graphics quality and spiritual sound design like in Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets PC, Mac game. You can read more about Royal Family Secrets game on Facebook! Enjoy with this dazzling PC, Mac game! 
 Exciting Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets game is free download Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure for PC. You can download and install Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets game for free and it'll take a few minutes if you use fast Cable/ADSL connection. Installed game available for free playing during 1 hour trial period and then you can uninstall it or buy full unlimited version of Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets. We guarantee that Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets is quality tested and have no spyware, adware, viruses and ads.

Mar 15, 2012

Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition PC Game [FINAL]

World of music, world of pure art and joy. It is a place, absolutely separated from the habitual reality. You can't find here any violence, cruelty, death. But in Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition everything is different. You and your sister was born in the family with strong musical traditions. From the early childhood both of you shown an incredible abilities in music - singing and playing piano. So it's obvious that you both gained musical education and become professional musicians. But when you are returned to your hometown at the beginning of Silent Nights: The Pianist, your sister Yvette was abducted. You are the only on interested in finding her, so you should go through lot of Hidden Object scenes and solve many puzzles to find her!
This featured and masked chapter, fairy and pleasing sound effects withe beautiful piano compositions, heaps of unique Adventure/Hidden Object/Puzzle locations and super-ordinary portraiture are just parts of the undreamed-of Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition game universe waiting for you. Find out more about game on Google+.
Silent Nights: The Pianist is electrical Adventure &  Hidden Object  genre game that is a real trials for you with heaps of of involute trials. You can read another blog about this game for Windows.  Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition PC game suited for all Adventure  games adorers. Yvette's life is in your hands now. Script finale of Silent Nights: The Pianist PC game will change your subsistence forever. To find out more, you may watch gameplay video on IGN, or visit the Facebook page. It's definitely worth downloading.
 You can also download this game from the publisher's site

Mar 7, 2012

Borgia: Faith and Fear PC Game [FINAL]

Borgia: Faith and Fear depiction
Lucrezia Borgia. Everyone know this name, name of the famous Roman poisoner. And now, in Borgia: Faith and Fear, you should stop her crimes, prevent further poisonings and punish this mass murderer. You are a simple monastery medic, Basilius Valentius, and you successfully avoided politics and everything connected with it for a long time. But the moment to choose between Faith and Fear has come: your friend Lorenzo was killed in the monastery of Camaldoli by Lucrezia Borgia! Now you must prove, that Lucrezia is guilty. That won't be easy: Borgia is influential family in Italy, one of the family members - a Rome's cardinal. They will do everything to stop Basilius. Will you be able to punish the criminal in Borgia: Faith and Fear Hidden Object game for PC? Download final version of the game and find out!
Borgia: Faith and Fear 
Completely killing nimble gameplay, diverse harmonious sound design and premium quality detailed videosequence in classy Match 3 PC game Borgia: Faith and Fear will be loved by all players who dream to play something exquisite and astounding. 
Borgia: Faith and Fear
Borgia: Faith and Fear PC game will hale any player, from the youngest ones to proficient, you will take a fancy into ritzy Realm of this game. Start to download tony Borgia: Faith and Fear PC game for free and have fun with this groovy Match 3 game.