Sep 5, 2015

Sable Maze 5: Soul Catcher PC Game (FINAL) 464.62 MB

Sable Maze 5: Soul Catcher PC Game (FINAL) 464.62 MB. Return to Sullivan River twenty years after previous disappearances in Sable Maze 5: Soul Catcher PC Game from Daily Magic Productions!

Seven people vanished there in 1995. One of them was your brother, but his body was never found. Today is 20th anniversary of his disappearance and you decided to come to the place of his vanishing to create a memorial. Thing is you constantly saw him in nightmares, begging to come to Sullivan River. And when you arrived, eerie things started to happen with you and your best friends, including Samantha Roberts.

Play this incredible game and find out, who the cloaked stranger is in this scary Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
  • Features:Gather puzzle elements to assemble wallpapers from them!
  • Get all achievements!
  • Gather figurines of all game characters!
  • Get closer to the Sullivan mystery in the bonus chapter!


In Sable Maze 5: Lost Souls computer game you will play many shining sublevels with tons of magic encumbrances for you as for the advanced Hidden Object gamer. Puzzle Hidden Object tasks of all kinds fill Sable Maze : Soul Catcher game, making it more peerless. Inspiring script, filled with dazzling missions, will contribute real delectable opportunities for all Sable Maze 5 PC gamers. Modern video sequence of Sable Maze 5: Soul Catcher game is detailed and with the music they creating such heavenly place to be.

Title Post: Sable Maze 5: Soul Catcher PC Game (FINAL) 464.62 MB
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