Mar 7, 2012

Borgia: Faith and Fear PC Game [FINAL]

Borgia: Faith and Fear depiction
Lucrezia Borgia. Everyone know this name, name of the famous Roman poisoner. And now, in Borgia: Faith and Fear, you should stop her crimes, prevent further poisonings and punish this mass murderer. You are a simple monastery medic, Basilius Valentius, and you successfully avoided politics and everything connected with it for a long time. But the moment to choose between Faith and Fear has come: your friend Lorenzo was killed in the monastery of Camaldoli by Lucrezia Borgia! Now you must prove, that Lucrezia is guilty. That won't be easy: Borgia is influential family in Italy, one of the family members - a Rome's cardinal. They will do everything to stop Basilius. Will you be able to punish the criminal in Borgia: Faith and Fear Hidden Object game for PC? Download final version of the game and find out!
Borgia: Faith and Fear 
Completely killing nimble gameplay, diverse harmonious sound design and premium quality detailed videosequence in classy Match 3 PC game Borgia: Faith and Fear will be loved by all players who dream to play something exquisite and astounding. 
Borgia: Faith and Fear
Borgia: Faith and Fear PC game will hale any player, from the youngest ones to proficient, you will take a fancy into ritzy Realm of this game. Start to download tony Borgia: Faith and Fear PC game for free and have fun with this groovy Match 3 game.