Sep 21, 2011

Rescue Frenzy

Rescue Frenzy
Download page: Rescue Frenzy

Go on a Rescue Frenzy in the aftermath of devastating storms, catastrophic earthquakes, and disastrous wildfires! Race against the clock to clear away debris; collect resources for rebuilding hospitals, bridges and power stations; and save people and animals from certain peril. Collect power-ups to increase your speed, steer seven powerful vehicles over rugged terrain, and strive for the Master ranking in this fun Strategy game.

- Incredible action

- Unique gameplay

- Guide courageous rescue workers!

Filesize: 184.29 Mb

System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7

CPU: 600 Mhz

DirectX: 6.0

Hard Drive: 192 Mb
Rescue Frenzy depiction 1
Rescue Frenzy depiction 2
Rescue Frenzy depiction 3

If you’ve played other affecting Time Management genre PC games, then Rescue Frenzy will be instantly familiar. In jolly Rescue Frenzy game being follows the ordinary Time Management genre screenplay, but hand drawn high-grade video sequence with many usable awards, jolly, tuneful descant and many cheery places, classy controls creating new dimension of Time Management PC games. All possible Time Management objectives can be found in the new Time Management PC game Rescue Frenzy. Start download Rescue Frenzy game right now and kvell!
Download page: Rescue Frenzy

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