Jan 9, 2012

Adore Puzzle - Final version

Adore Puzzle screen
Go on a fascinating tour in Adore Puzzle! Visit well-known European cities without leaving your computer in this fun Puzzle game! Begin your trip in England and explore other countries as you solve more difficult and interesting puzzles. Travel to different countries and solve the puzzles in different game modes. Beat your fastest times as you replay puzzles and master the fun gameplay of Adore Puzzle!
Go on a fascinating tour!
Solve fun puzzles
Visit European cities
System requirements:
HDD: 72 MB
Mac OS: 10.5
RAM: 256 MB
Adore Puzzle screen 3
Adore Puzzle is magnificent and ripping Mac game with gleeful obstacles, not a few presents and additional knotty mysteries. Adore Puzzle also features some challenging and enthralling sublevels and bonus mysteries. All worshipers of Puzzle genre will undoubtedly like Adore Puzzle. No matter - are you beginner, who just entered the Realm of lovely computer games, or pro-gamer - delightful Adore Puzzle Mac game will suit you.
Adore Puzzle screen 2

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