Mar 22, 2013

Portal Of Evil: Stolen Runes (FINAL) 420 MB

Portal Of Evil: Stolen Runes (FINAL) 420 MB. Help Vanessa Helsing to fight with creatures of darkness in Portal Of Evil: Stolen Runes Game! There were seven runes that have held Portal of Evil closed and demons were sealed there for centuries. But now runes have stolen and evil is unleashed! That happened few weeks ago, and grandpa of our heroine, Abraham Helsing, disappeared without a trace that night. Now his friend archbishop Benedict invited Vanessa to St. Peter's Cathedral in the city of Viva, in southern Italy to continue his struggle against evil! Solve numerous riddles, fight with spirits and demons, seal the evil again and uncover your grandpa's fate in this religious hidden object puzzle adventure!


Title Post: Portal Of Evil: Stolen Runes (FINAL) 420 MB
Rating: 98% based on 2061, ratings 4.9 user reviews.
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