Apr 30, 2013

Dark Sisterhood: The Initiation (FINAL) 406 MB

Dark Sisterhood: The Initiation (FINAL) 406 MB. Break the initiation rite of the black witches in Dark Sisterhood: The Initiation game! Your old friend Bloom asked you to come from the mainland to the isolated island of Cold Peek, where she lives with her daughter Lily and now is in a grave danger! You haven't been on this isle for year already, and when you arrived, called by the urgent letter, you've found that island and islanders dramatically changed. Bloom was found guilty by the witchcraft and executed. Community first decided to take care about Lily but as far as spell effect continues, judge decided to burn Lily too! Explore town and Misty Forest, where the fog is so thick you can barely see through it, find out, what witches want from Lily and save her in this mystical hidden object puzzle adventure!


Title Post: Dark Sisterhood: The Initiation (FINAL) 406 MB
Rating: 85% based on 612, ratings 4.25 user reviews.
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