Jun 18, 2013

Undiscovered Game (FINAL) 96.53 MB

Undiscovered Game (FINAL) 96.53 MB. Help to survive crew and people from the passenger liner S.S. Lucerne, stranded on a cluster of small volcanic islands in Undiscovered Game! S.S. Lucerne left New York on Oct 24th 1908, but it never make scheduled destination. A storm and strange fog knocked liner off course and ship ran aground on some reefs near shore of the uncharted island. You have limited time to complete each level, if you will fail, passengers will starve to death! Collect island recourses to survive on the volcanic island, build and upgrade huts, which will provide basic shelter, lab to explore the island and clinic to heal harmed passengers!


Title Post: Undiscovered Game (FINAL) 96.53 MB
Rating: 84% based on 1342, ratings 4.2 user reviews.
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