Jul 28, 2014

Surface 6: Game of Gods PC Game (FINAL) 440.79 MB

Surface 6: Game of Gods PC Game (FINAL) 440.79 MB. Elephant games prepared new Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game for you!

Save Maggie, Kevin, and Jim, your friends and colleagues, kidnapped yesterday during the participation in eerie experiment in Surface 6: Game of Gods PC Game!

Yesterday, on May 5th, Alice Russell received e-mail from Jim with invitation to participate in the research study for high pay. Alice needs money to finish her own research project, so she agreed, but everything went wrong: first of all, she was late to the study research facility at 54 Green Lane, and when she arrived, Alice saw something really unnatural and scary, and her friends were taken away!

Download Surface 6: Game of Gods CE game for PC for free and help her with the police assistance to save Kevin, Maggie and Jim in this dramatic game!
  • Achievements and collectibles!
  • Save your friends!
  • Uncover origins of inhuman experiments in the bonus game!
  • Integrated Strategy Guide!


Even admirable video of Surface 6: Game of Gods is very nicely drawn and inimitable, it will add needed environment together with the high-quality chime.

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