Jan 20, 2015

Cadenza 2: The Kiss of Death PC Game (FINAL) 278.13 MB

Cadenza 2: The Kiss of Death PC Game (FINAL) 278.13 MB. Mad Head Games presents new chapter of fascinating Cadenza series!

Uncover, how your future husband Anthony connected with the femme fatale, killing men in New Orleans by the deadly kiss in Cadenza 2: The Kiss of Death Game for PC!

Your wedding is just few days away, and you and Anthony are making final preparations. New Orleans’ mayor let Anthony to use a great house for the wedding. You set flower ark just as at your grandmother’s wedding. And when everything seemed to be so perfect, strange events started to happen.

You started to notice, that Anthony is hiding something from you. Phone calls, interrupting when you came in, strange talks, people you have never seen before… And today a stranger attacked Anthony and beat him! He told that Anthony couldn’t have her, because she’s his… And he definitely wasn’t talking about you! But Anthony said that he never seen that man before… Why he’s lying? And how his lie is connected with the “Black Widow” Killer, leaving “black lipstick mark” on each of the victims? Maybe tonight Anthony not going to play at any gig, maybe he’s dating someone?

Download Cadenza Chapter II and find out, what’s going on in this whodunit Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
  • Bonus chapter with more mysteries!
  • Concept arts, screensaver, wallpapers and more!
  • A comprehensive Strategy Guide!


Cadenza 2 game's drawing really good and filled with a whole lot exceptional details. Start to download fantastic Cadenza 2: The Kiss of Death PC game for free and have fun with this glorious HOPA game.

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