Nov 8, 2011

Burn the Rope | Mac Game Full version

Burn the Rope Image
Feed the fire to Burn the Rope and progress through different levels in this perplexing Puzzle game! Plan ahead and plot your moves carefully to proceed. Keep the flame alive by expertly guiding its path and using the special abilities of different bugs. With mesmerizing fire effects and gorgeous graphics, Burn the Rope will have you intrigued for hours and hours! Can you master the flames and solve the countless puzzles?
System requirements:
Mac OS: 10.5
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 38 MB
As the market Mac casual games (like super Burn the Rope game) grows, the technology, available to the Puzzle casual computer games makers improves resulting in ever higher graphics quality and pleasant sounding like in Burn the Rope Mac game. To sum up, you may not be amazed by the well-known Puzzle theme that is used in Burn the Rope Mac game as well as in other Mac games of this genre, but there are some eminent features that might tilt choice of buffs in Burn the Rope's favour. Enjoy with this impressive Mac game Burn the Rope!
Burn the Rope Image 1
  1. Feed the fire
  2. Make sure to Burn the Rope!
  3. Use special bugs
Burn the Rope Image 3
Burn the Rope Image 2
Overall, fabulous Burn the Rope game isn't usual Puzzle game, but it is not a best Mac game, either. But hardly Puzzle genre devotees will be heartened by the greatness of complexity level of Burn the Rope, and even green hand and young ones may hardly fail. At start of Burn the Rope game you will learn the Puzzle game basics. Burn the Rope locations requires you to fulfill some mysterious obstacles. Burn the Rope Mac game includes accomplished features and adequately tributes, which set it apart from other Mac computer games of Puzzle category.

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