Nov 29, 2011

World Riddles: Animals | Mac Game Free Download

World Riddles: Animals Screenshot
Collect the prestigious Animal World Expert Medallion traveling around the world and solving puzzles in World Riddles: Animals! Visit the seven continents in the fantastic story mode and complete an incredible journey. Explore the world of animals in this fun and fast-paced Puzzle game, and complete awesome minigames as quickly as you can. Beat all the records in World Riddles: Animals!
System requirements:
HDD: 30 MB
CPU: 800 Mhz
Mac OS: 10.4
File Size: ng Download Now will start
the download onto your computer)
(25.19 MB
RAM: 256 MB
  • Explore the world of animals!
  • Perplexing puzzles
  • Fascinating minigames
This unapproachable World Riddles: Animals Mac game will be loved by any enthusiasts of this superordinary and timeless Puzzle genre as one of it's top class members. The unique portraiture is very aglare and unmatched, it add needed environs together with the top class sounds. Included exquisite jobs, a great deal of sublevels and awards and dreamy recital in World Riddles: Animals Mac game will make the player happy from onset to colophon. On this tony website you can always find conquering Realm's premier Mac games, just like World Riddles: Animals.
In newest rare Mac game World Riddles: Animals you must use different honors to overcome opportunities on your way up. What was captivating about them is that they were totally fitting into jolly tale of World Riddles: Animals and levels you were in. The challenge level of this No. 1 World Riddles: Animals game is rather medium. If it does get too hard, there are hints in World Riddles: Animals to help you out. The ambrosial combination of genres, based on Puzzle, in playful computer game World Riddles: Animals will excite all worshipers of these Mac games.
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