Dec 5, 2011

SpiderMania Solitaire - Mac & PC Game Free Download

SpiderMania Solitaire Image
Tackle SpiderMania Solitaire and master this classic Card game! With animated graphics and unique gameplay, you’ll be caught in a web of fun! Get rid of all of the cards in the fewest moves possible and make up full suits, from King to Ace. Get walked through the rules in the Easy mode, or take on more difficult challenges in the Medium and Hard modes. Can you survive the SpiderMania? Find out in this amazing Solitaire game!

This long-awaited Mac game SpiderMania Solitaire meets all criterias of the world's legendary games. SpiderMania Solitaire is created so splendid as if screenwriters knew that noone would ever want to rush through this conquering game anyway. SpiderMania Solitaire Mac game features everything it takes for popular short getaway from the reality. SpiderMania Solitaire belongs to hotsy-totsy Card & Board genre. Perfectly written quest, comfortable game interaction, delicate soundtracks, delicious and conquering depictions makes SpiderMania Solitaire the best in it's class. Dive deep into unreal ambiance of exquisite Mac game - SpiderMania Solitaire!

New high-spirited Mac game SpiderMania Solitaire has been designed by the best developers. This larky Card & Board Mac game include ritzy chapter, incredible and accommodative gameplay. One of the most rich things about SpiderMania Solitaire Mac game is the ambiance you get into. This other galaxy is absolutely superior, and has its own character. The pictures are detailed and together with the sound design they create such convivial place to be. Players of any age will have fun with this rich and convivial Mac game SpiderMania Solitaire.
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System requirements:
Mac OS: 10.5
HDD: 11 MB
RAM: 512 MB
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  1. Incredible animations
  2. Different difficulty levels
  3. Survive SpiderMania!
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