Dec 7, 2011

Sunshine Acres | Full Mac Game

Sunshine Acres Screen
Behold a blue sky and a wide stretch of soil fit for farming. Harvest your crops and earn money for a hard day`s work. Till the ground, plant seeds, and water to your heart`s content! Dotted with sunflowers, Sunshine Acres is a vast stretch of land waiting to cultivate your dreams. Visit five manufacturing plants and plow through 30 fertile levels in this Time Management challenge.
Sunshine Acres Screen 1
  • Fertile levels
  • Time Management adventure
  • Harvest your dreams
All fanciers of incomparable Time Management genre will liked the Sunshine Acres. Firstly, Sunshine Acres Mac game isn't very sophisticated, so it is easy to reach ending of all objectives. You will fall into more than enough zingy Time Management maps and entertain with the fun ending. And you have to travel all over the game galaxy of Sunshine Acres to find inimitable presents. In Sunshine Acres fun Mac game you will found excellence light air, colossal tale and dainty drawing!
System requirements:
File Size: 38.22 MB
HDD: 44 MB
Mac OS: 10.5
RAM: 512 MB
Sunshine Acres Mac game continues unreal traditions of classical games of Time Management genre. Sunshine Acres has not only tough riddles but also delightful design. As Sunshine Acres Mac game follows, it gets slightly tough. But Sunshine Acres has not only tough riddles but also delightful design. Unique melodic soundtracks, gorgeous scenery and overwhelming game interaction in Sunshine Acres Mac game combined to get carried away you in the galaxy of delightful recreation and danger.

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