Oct 24, 2011

Around the World - Mac

Around the World screenshot
Prepare yourself for a trip Around the World with this original block-matching puzzle game! During your tour, you will discover the wonders of ten cities by completing the levels on time! Around the World features 100 levels organized in 20 different layouts with a large variety of power-ups. You will gather up to 18 awards by performing matches and combos! There are three different game modes: Adventure, Relaxing (unending) and Quick Game. Play with your family using player profiles and saved games.
System requirements:
Mac OS: 10.4
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 14 MB
CPU: 800 Mhz
Around the World screenshot 1
Around the World is the goluptious Mac game with various sinuous predicaments, stealthy prizes and sinuous brain teasers. Around the World comprises zones with different rules and conditions, enjoyable and unusual flora and fauna, various stealthy dark dungeons, predicaments towns and shocking ancient castles with playful architecture - all this awaits for new Match 3 games adventure seekers. All eager beavers of wild Match 3 Mac games genre must play Around the World game. Also fairy Around the World game will be superior for apprentices, who just met the dimension of casual Mac games.
  • Many powerful power-ups
  • Unique match-3 gameplay
  • 100 levels
Around the World is stunning Mac game which will impress all lovers of Match 3 timeless genre. Sometimes in Around the World you will have to put together different items in puzzles or use them in some way. This superlative Mac game doesn't even actually telling the full story of Around the World to you. You just figure it out by collecting some surprises and clues. Gorgeous and distinguished videosequence, harmonious and electrical sound effects, varied casual games will grab your attention for a long time when you play delicious Around the World game!
Around the World screenshot 2
Around the World screenshot 3

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