Oct 12, 2011

Unlikely Suspects - Final version

Unlikely Suspects screen
The Superintendent of Interpol needs your help! It’s up to you to track 16 criminals across the globe to learn the criminal’s MO. Scour each scene for evidence, and decipher the clues awarded at the end of each site to build your investigation. With more than 4,000 different outcomes, there’s always a case to crack in Unlikely Suspects!
System requirements:
Mac OS: 10.5
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 85 MB
Story of Unlikely Suspects was written by professional Hidden Object screenplay writers, more than enough of superb placements and terrific casual games of cheerful Unlikely Suspects will be a real pleasure for young ones, teens and adults. All admirers of this hilarious Hidden Object genre Mac games will liked Unlikely Suspects. Realistic and dainty chime even deeper embark players in the aura of luscious universe, stealthy screenplay, more than enough rich predicaments and premium quality gaming system will not allow them to be bored for more than enough prodigious hours spent playing.
Legendary and impressive photoplay, flawless landscapes, fine and encouraging sound design, loads of aglare Hidden Object levels are just parts of the unexceptional Unlikely Suspects game universe waiting for you. Apparently, casual game buffs are missing some element of obstacles and unexpected in their subsistence, this is why they welcome the games like Unlikely Suspects. The unexceptionable finish of Unlikely Suspects Mac game - it is something unmatched you never seen before.
Unlikely Suspects screen 3
Unlikely Suspects screen 1
  • Track the dastardly criminals!
  • Huge cast of characters
  • Tons of different outcomes
Unlikely Suspects screen 2

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