Oct 17, 2011

Download Mac Game - Mad Caps

Mad Caps hochladen
The same crazy geniuses who brought you Chainz offer you the latest in maddeningly addictive entertainment. Mad Caps is a thrilling puzzle game gone completely MAD! Zap the bottle caps with ray guns, target them with rockets, or let aliens transform them. Send them flying as you guzzle soda, collect letters to spell mystery words and watch out for "under-the-cap" bonuses. Let Mad Caps quench your thirst for fun. Download today!
System requirements:
Hard Drive: 13 MB
Mac OS: 10.4
RAM: 256 MB
Mad Caps hochladen 3
  • Zap caps with ray guns.
  • Watch for under-the-cap bonuses.
  • Target caps with rockets.
If you've played other lovely Puzzle genre Mac games, then Mad Caps will be instantly familiar. In ambrosian Mad Caps game time follows the ordinary Puzzle genre scenario, but aglare fineness portraiture with plenty usable honors, ambrosian, gentle air and plenty sprightly localities, startling play process creating new dimension of Puzzle Mac games. All possible Puzzle goals can be found in the new Puzzle Mac game Mad Caps. Start download Mad Caps game right now and have fun!
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Mad Caps hochladen 1
Even before its official release Mad Caps Mac game become popular. Gamers and followers all over the world have been acquisitively awaiting this atmospheric Puzzle Mac game since Mad Caps was first announced. Mad Caps is a break for all Puzzle game genre followers. Puzzles of all kinds are lay ahead of you as you start playing this gorgeous Mad Caps Mac game. So we are proud to present the newest impressive game, Mad Caps! Play this unmatched Puzzle Mac game and enjoy!

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